When is the best time to travel & What to take to Cuba?

In the first part of this article we comment on the characteristics of the climate in Cuba, describing in detail weather conditions on the island each month of the year. In this article we’ll tell you about general preparations made in Cuba in face of hurricanes, which is a major atmospheric phenomenon that affects the island. We’ll also share with you few factors to take into account when choosing the best time to organize your trip. Finally, we’ll give you some recommendations on what to take to Cuba, that is to say, what you should include in your luggage.

Cuba is ready to face hurricanes

Cyclones are natural meteorological phenomena uncontrolled and almost unpredictable. They are also called hurricanes or typhoons depending on the geographical latitude. By following the security measures, they can be resisted without great risks for people.

Cuba has developed a system of warnings and alerts with great efficiency in the event of an approaching hurricane. It’s known as the emergency response system. The population is instructed by the Civil Defense and it has the support of the media. They act together with the specialists of the Institute of Meteorology. Through the media, mainly radio and television, meteorologists inform the people on the daily forecasts of hurricanes. In the face of an imminent cyclone threat, warnings are sent in short periods of time. It is advised to take all the measures planned to avoid or reduce losses of lives and economic costs.

The tourists are taken to safe places. Far from the ravages of the sea, devastating winds and the rain. They are always held in safe places and receive careful attention. Generally, unfortunate losses of lives are not reported, as extreme measures are taken for their protection. If you are surprised by a cyclone on the island, you won’t run great risks if you follow the guidelines of the Civil Defense. So you have nothing to fear.

Best time to travel to Cuba

In Cuba high and low seasons are recognized for tourism, just like anywhere else. If you travel in high season the prices are noticeably higher.

Winter is the peak season throughout the Caribbean. In this time, Havana and the Cuban beaches are full of tourists as Christmas and the New Year approach. Traveling to Cuba from mid-November to mid-April is usually recommended. Considering the best period to visit the island from November to December.

What to take to Cuba? - Tips on how to pack your suitcase

Now we’ll give you few recommendations on what to take to Cuba considering the weather conditions and other ideas:

  • Wear comfortable clothing, preferably made of cotton.
  • Bring sunscreen. Generally it is not easy to find a sunblock in stores. If you find it, you’ll quickly notice that there is no variety in terms of cosmetics brands and there are just few sun protection factors to choose from.
  • Take with you insect repellents. When on the island you can find yourself in many places where insects abound. Even though they are not dangerous, still they can cause uncomfortable allergies. Insect repellent products or anti-inflammatory ointments are scarce in Cuba. You better bring yours, even if you do not use them.
  • Bring your cosmetics. On the island they are usually very expensive, scarce and not very varied in terms of brands and quality.

I hope you will find our comments and recommendations useful when organizing your trip to Cuba.

We can assure you that traveling to Cuba is perfect at any time of the year!