In this article we give you few of many reasons that will inevitably make you want to know Cuba. It is composed by two parts and will surely motivate you to spend your next vacation in Cuba. In the first part of the article you can find 4 of the 7 reasons to travel to Cuba we’ve chosen for the purpose of these posts, although there are thousands of others. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn more about the island to enjoy your stay in Cuba to the fullest.

Part 2 - Few other things that you will love about Cuba

Now I will tell you about the other 3 reasons out of 7 we’ve decided to describe in more detail. And I want to underscore again, you can find so many others that would make you travel to the beautiful island sooner or later. Though we left them for the final part, they are not less interesting. The beaches, the climate and, above all, the most important thing, its people are alone major reasons to travel to Cuba.

5th reason to travel to Cuba: White sand beaches

Cuba is very coveted for the quality and variety of its beaches. Varadero is the most touristic of them all. But each beach is different and all of them have its specific attractions that make them unique. Apart from Varadero, I will tell you about some of the lesser known.

Varadero beach, the most popular is not only one of the best beaches in Cuba but also in the entire Caribbean. It is impressive with its 20 kilometers of white sands and turquoise waters. Accommodation in Varadero

Guanabo in the east of Havana: perfect beach for a getaway and to feel the Caribbean vibes. Just 20 kilometres from the capital, it’s a mix between a fishing village and a touristic resort.

Ancón Beach, in the south of the island: it is characterised by its almost silvery sand. The sunsets are a beautiful experience. It is considered one of the best beaches in the south of Cuba. Outstanding for its dive sites, which totals 30 centres. There are abundant corals, brightly coloured fish and centuries-old vessels of corsairs and pirates submerged under its waters. Located 10 km from the city of Trinidad. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a jewel of colonial architecture on the island. You will have the opportunity to visit a beach, mountain, city and Cuban history.

Playa Girón, in the Bay of Pigs: historic Caribbean beach with crystal clear waters. Located in one of the largest wetlands in the world, the Ciénaga de Zapata. You can find there wonderful diving sites and interact with nature in protected areas. It went down in history in 1961 with the invasion that ended in the battle of Playa Girón and the subsequent victory of the Cuban people. Accommodation in Playa Girón

6th reason to travel to Cuba: Tropical climate

The climate is one of the greatest offers of the island. It was proudly catalogued as “an eternal summer”. The temperatures during the day oscillate between 30°C  to 36 °C, thanks to the radiant sun, main attraction for the visitors. In our blog we talk about the best time to go to Cuba depending on the time of year. 

The weather is generally pleasant, tending to be very warm. When you walk through the streets, you can feel the blazing sun. At midday you will inevitably sweat. You may also be surprised by a tropical downpour in the middle of a trip. Immediately the rain eases up and and the radiant sun rises again.

In the post “The old man, the sea and … the Varadero beach”, the image of the idyllic beach is mixed with that of a simple fisherman, chatting about the weather.

Now I’ll tell you about the most valuable treasure of the beautiful island: its people. Certainly, the most important, among many reasons to travel to Cuba is to meet Cubans and their daily life.

7th reason to travel to Cuba: Its people, get to know ordinary Cubans

It is said that Cubans are simply unique, and you can find anyone like them in the whole world. I imagine that everyone thinks the same about themselves. However, there really is nothing like a Cuban.

We are very helpful, communicative, cheerful, creative, passionate. We’re dancers, funny and original. There is a popular saying that says: “the Cuban either does not reach or goes ahead. They are generally spontaneous, they offer everything they have and even what they do not have.

For more than 20 years we have lived on the island in extreme economic conditions. This has inevitably cracked some values that have characterised a typical Cuban, but this can not be seen as a rule.

When visiting the island you will meet beautiful people who will gladly offer you their unconditional friendship. When you make your stay in private homes, when you say goodbyes you will feel that you leave friends there for life. Enjoy the company of wonderful people and make your trip truly enriching by not only visiting places, beaches and historic sites, but also interacting with ordinary Cubans. Let the human warmth be stronger than the Caribbean sun. Cheer up and be infected by joy of these unique, intelligent and curious people.

Now, do not ever think about arguing with them because they always win. It is said that they are contradictory and expressive, they all speak together at once and with high decibels. Cubans give away their passionate character when they see a woman going down the street. They throw her compliments without major transcendence.

Summary - 7 and thousand other reasons to travel to Cuba

It has not been an easy task to choose just 7 reasons to travel to Cuba as the list goes on. In short, you can find other reasons to get to know the Pearl of the Caribbean and each reason alone can shape your travel plan, but it is clear that getting to know closer Cubans will be the best thing of it all.

Some people say that:

“… Cubans! … You can not live long with them, but it is impossible to live without them. Love them, respect them and let them be “CUBANS“, but you run the risk of being cubanized!, would you take it? “

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