When you travel to Cuba, that magical and unique island, keep these tips in mind when consuming delicious and exotic seasonal fruits that you will find there.

Fruits are present in many dishes of the Cuban culinary tradition. According to experts, the consumption of fresh fruits or juices after meals is recommended because of its excellent digestive qualities.

Fruta bomba

It is recommended to try fruta bomba, also called papaya especially in the eastern part of the island, without any additive. You can just cut it in small pieces or turned it into a delicious juice. Generally consumed in its natural form, it is a preferred fruit for many fruit consumers because of its pleasant sweet and refreshing taste. It is credited with medicinal properties and great health benefits. Using this fruit, no matter if it’s green, ripe or tender, Cubans elaborate delicious sweets, obtaining different textures and flavors.


The mango is exquisite and it is recommendable to consume it at any time of the day, in its natural form, in juices or sweets. According to history, India provided Cuban agriculture with this splendid fruit, which is considered sacred there and on the largest island of the Antilles, it is presented in the most diverse forms and varieties with a common denominator: excellence!


Likewise, plátano de fruta or banana is among the preferred fruit widely consumed by Cubans, in varied forms and at different times of the day. It is present in juices, milkshakes, meals for kids and to accompany in all meals. It is said that they favor the growth and development of the bone system being high in potassium.


Another fruit common in Cuba is guava (guayaba). Experts recommend it for daily consumption because of its health benefits. It comes from Central America and is characterized by high levels of vitamin C.

These are just some of the recommendations I wanted to share with you about consumption of some of the many fruits you can find when you visit Cuba. You can find some of them only in certain seasons of the year, so luck will be a factor to take into account to get to know some of these excellent and exotic tropical fruits!

Tropical fruits in Cuba: Part 1