4. More space, comfort & privacy

By staying in a casa particular you will be able to get more space for your entertainment and relaxation, including terrace, porch, dining room, courtyards and others. This means no crowds on the swimming pool or at dining areas. Undoubtedly, casas particulares provide a greater privacy than, let’s say a hotel room.

If you decide to rent a room in a private home with local family, apart from your room and private bathroom, you will have access to shared areas of the house, among them the living room and kitchen. Plus, you can get access to washing machine to do your laundry or to a fridge to keep your stuff cool and fresh.  Besides, you can enjoy your family meals together in the kitchen or in the eating area, have a drink among group of friends on the terrace and get some suntan on the balcony of your house.

If you choose to rent the entire house you will be able to enjoy all the spaces on your own just as if you were at home! Yes, you can find yourself a home away from home for some days and experience life in another country from a local’s standpoint.

Another thing is that check-in and check-out times are usually quite flexible.

5. Cheaper

Casas particulares offer the luxuries of home because they are truly a home. In most of the cases, at private homes in Cuba you can get more space for a much lower price than in hotels. Hotels are usually run by big corporations which hire large groups of staff and consume lots of energy on supplies, thus they need to charge for nearly anything so that their business can actually pay off. When staying at a homestay you can save yourself lots of money and spend them on other things, like unforgettable and enriching adventures on the road as well as trips across the island. It doesn’t mean you won’t find a hotel room cheaper than a homestay, but there’s just nothing to replace the homey atmosphere, interaction with locals, relaxation areas, privacy and all the other benefits of vacation rentals. If you are coming with your partner, family or a group of friends, there are various room options available for you with different standards at most attractive price.

6. Insider knowledge of places worth visiting and events

Would you like to find places or participate in events only locals know about? Would you like to discover the essence of Cuba, its people and culture? When staying in casa particular your hosts can share with you all sorts of valuable information on which nearby sites are worth visiting, where to buy certain goods or what is happening in town (concerts, exhibitions, shows, etc).

7. Better mobility. Discover the island according to your schedule.

Vacation rental portals like Soulidays, specialized in Cuba offer Pick-up and Drop off service from the airport in collaboration with hosts who are in constant contact with private taxi drivers. Not only they can pick you up and drive you back to the airport, but also they can take you to any place on the island and act as guides during your sightseeing tour. Another option is to rent a car and go to any places of your interest by yourself. Then you can freely decide where to stay and for how long. On your way you can check in various homestays and discover the authentic Cuba.

We will be happy to read your impressions after staying in a casa particular in Cuba! Can you think of other reasons to stay at private homes and live with locals during your holidays in Cuba? Share with us your experiences!

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